“First Engineering Plant in Kiev” was founded in June of 1882 as “Kyiv cast iron and mechanical plant”, renamed in 1888 to “Joint Stock Company “Kyiv engineering and boiler plant of Grether, Krivanek and Ko”.

The company manufactured equipment for sugar mills, grain silos and railways. At the beginning of the twentieth century, it became one of the largest plants in Kiev.

In 1922, our plant received its present name – “Bilshovyk”, and started production of equipment for the chemical and, later, polymer industry.

The period between the 50’s and the 80’s years is marked

as a period of significant development and technical modernization of the company. The plant mastered the production of dozens of new types of equipment, many of which were unique, first in the world.

From the 80’s “Bilshovyk” produces equipment for tire, cable, chemical, plastic processing industry enterprises and manufacturers of rubber products.

At the beginning of the XXI century, the plant increases the volume of the productivity and expands its specialization. The company exports its products to the countries in Eastern

Europe, the USA, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Singapore and many other countries.

Today “First Engineering Plant in Kiev” is ready to offer you it’s more than 135 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for the chemical, rubber and oil processing, bus, building, transport, metallurgical, mining, energy industries and agriculture. The company offers a large variety

of complete production lines and individual machines, including all types of processing

machinery: rubber mixers, mixing mills, extruders, calenders, tire-recycling lines, tire shaper-vulcanizers and various spare parts.

Greater part of products manufactured by “First Engineering Plant in Kiev” are not produced by any other company in Ukraine.