Metalworking: has a large fleet of various machine tools, which allows you to perform: turning parts with a diameter of 1.6 and a length of up to 10 m; turning-carousel – with a diameter up to 6.3 m; boring and coordinate-boring operations in details up to 4x4x6 m; drilling to a depth of 6 m; gear milling operations – for cutting gears with a module up to 30 mm and a diameter up to 3 m and other works. Harvesting production: advanced technological processes are widely used in production: plasma surfacing and plasma-mechanical processing of hard alloys; figured cutting; local thermal hardening and surfacing by means of laser radiation, etc.
We perform the following works:

  • Robotic processing and welding of large parts weighing UP TO 50 tons, diameter up to 6300 mm.
  • Machining of parts weighing up to 60 tons and a diameter of up to 6300 mm., Including CNC vests of the French company <> dimensions 8000 × 6000 × 4500 mm.
  • To carry out assembly and intrashop transportation of designs TO 100 t.
  • Production and processing of worm sleeves with a diameter of up to 600 mm and a length of up to 8000 mm.
  • Cutting gears with modules up to 30 mm with a diameter up to 6300 mm.
  • Perform flat grinding of surfaces up to 1000 × 1000 × 4000 MM.
  • Vertically milling 630х1600 mm.
  • Turning and carousel with a diameter of 1200 + 6300 mm. Boring operations of 400х4000 mm
  • Turning with a diameter up to 2000 mm above the frame and a length of up to 10000 mm.