Shapers of ФСД-300 type

The one-position shaper with a removable diaphragm is designed for shaping the tyre blanks of superlarge tyres with use of the changeable diaphragm units and for removal of diaphragms out of vulcanized tyres. It is equipped with hydraulic drives for the main mechanisms and devices.

Such tyres are used to fit the heavy dump trucks and articulated lorries with a load-carrying capacity from 120 to 220 tones. The shaper design provides the high level of mechanization: all procedures, connected with shaping tyres, putting into and removal of the diaphragm, are performed of the stationary unit for controlling the diaphragm.

Use of changeable diaphragms gives:

  • the 25-30 % increase of a production rate of the posterior process shaped tyres vulcanization;
  • the 6-8 fold decrease of consumption of expensive rubber owing to the use of diaphragms instead of the curing bags.

The special technical solutions have been used in the shaper design and they are protected by