Rubber-processing roll mills

These roll mills are used at enterprises producing tires or rubber products.

Mixing and heating mills with the roll length of 2100, 1500 and 800 mm are offered, as well as crushing, grinding, refining rolls 800mm.
   Machines with right- or left hand drive are produced.
The 2100 roll mills can be manufactured with two or three rollers.
In the modifications of the new generation of rolls (2100) modern technological requirements and individual wishes of clients are taken into account:

— reduced speed of the rollers (22 and 30 rpm);

—changing the rolls’ speed by the frequency control;

—use of various rolls (hollow, drilled or ribbed ones);

—use of a block-reduction gear («uni-drive») – excludes the friction gears;—the adjustable friction (each roll has its own drive);

—installation of the mill on rubber supports (without foundations) or on welded base-plates consisting of two parts.

All the machines are carefully designed, reliable and safe in service.