Used in preparatory departments of enterprises producing tires or rubber products.

Proposed a series of mixers with the volume of the mixing chamber 71, 90, 250, 270, 370 and 620 litres, with a right- or left hand drive.

The long-term of exploitation showed reliability and long service life of the machines.

The design version of a mixing chamber and rotors, the effective cooling of working members, automatic control of the heat transfer medium provide the high quality mixing.

In the modern world, requirements to the quality of rubber mixtures grow; therefore, we conducted the necessary modernisation of rubber mixers, in particular:

—the modification of mixers with the 250 L and 270 L volume, having the asynchronous motor drives, has been developed; this allows reducing their price up to 1.5 – 2 times and expenses for servicing the equipment.

—the programmed controller of mixing process allows increasing the quality of the outgoing mixture.

—new machining technology of the figured part of rotors with polishing and chrome plating is applied in industry.

—new 4-blade rotors for rubber mixers with the 270 L volume are applied too.

—charging and discharging devices of rubber mixers 250 and 270 have been modernized:

-for a charging device, a cylinder of the upper press 500 or 620 mm in diameter is supplied.

-a client can choose an discharging device with pneumatic or hydraulic drive.

Сooling of the load improves the mixture quality and prevents slight burning of it

It is planned to introduce:

—rubber mixers with intermeshing rotors (INTERMIX);