We offer to supply the process line for processing the worn-out tyres (among them the ones with metal cord) and rubber waste into a fine-dispersed rubber powder devulcanized.

The process line performs the two-stage crushing of worn-out tyres, the following grinding perser-extruders, separation from an obtained powder the elements of metal or textile cords.

The base unit of the line is a mashine of new generation: a screw-rotor disperser-extruder of DEKCHER-150 or DEKCHER-230 types that devulcanizes a rubber in parallel with its grinding. In accordance with the necessary production rate, the line is completed with the different number of the single-type machines and this number of machines determines the area occupied for the line and the guantity of consumpted power.

The cost of a recovered powder is 15 20 times less than the cost of raw rubber. The powder can replace 20 per cent of raw rubber during pro duction of tyres and technical rubber articles or 80 per cent of it during pro duction of consumer goods (soles of boots, rugs and the like) and minor rub ber products (rail chairs, the surfacing for railway crossings and stock-raising farms and others).