Plants for blow moulding

The plants are designed for blow moulding the hollow products (bottles, fuel cans, barrels, technical and domestic vessels, other containers) of a low-density or high-density polyethylene and also of compound polymer materials. As raw material it can be used granules or crushed waste.

The AB-1 and AB-6 plants have the vertical position of an extruder, and the AB-60 and AB-250 its horizontal posi tion. The plants are equipped with hydraulic drives of the one-position moulding devices.

The AB-1 plant is completed with one pass and two-pass expendable heads. The two-pass head provides manufactur ing the two products at the same time.

The AB-60 and AB-250 plants are equipped with:

  • the system of mechanized feeding the granules which are being dried previously;
  • the device of adjusting the thickness of a blank processed;
  • the device of automatic withdrawal of the product from the zone of moulding;
  • the closed-loop system of water cooling the moulds with possibility to use a refrigerating machine.

The operation of all the units is automated. One operator can operate some AB-1 or AB-6 plants.