Area of application: enterprises producing tires, conveyer belts, films, linoleum and rubber products.

Calenders are designed for:

—profiling and sheeting the rubber mix;

—topping and skim-coating the cloth, cord, cores of conveyer belts with rubber mix;

—doubling the rubber cloths with rubber mix sheets or the rubber strip with the tread;

—manufacture of PVC-films, linoleum.

The company supplies the three- and four-roll calenders of special or multipurpose use, with the left- or right hand drive. The rolls’ dimensions can be (mm): 0310 x 500, 0500 x 1250, 0610 x 1730, 0710 x 1800 and 0950 x 2800.

The rolls are made of chilled cast iron, have bleached operating surface and, as the result, they have high wear resistance.

Universal floating spindles rotate the rolls and which allow moving the rolls apart and cross them over in the process.

The calenders used for processing extra rigid rubbers are equipped with a high-power drive. All their units and systems are designed with due regard to large loads on the rolls