For the first time Ukraine and CIS-countries equipment for mechanized tunnel boring through the water-saturated earth

Complex is intended for mechanized building of the tunnels both through the unstable water-saturated earth and through the stable rocks with the natural moisture content.

Traditional method of tunneling under the complicated geological conditions (floating earths and soon) needs high expensive freezing of earth, sinking the boreholes from the ground surface as well as the large labour expanses.

Having no analogues among the drift mining machines in Ukraine and CIS, the complex KT-6.2A24 eliminates the disadvantages above and provides the following:

  • speed of tunnel mining increasing by 3-4 times;
  • labour expenditures lowering, especially that of manual labour;
  • considerable lowering of the metro building costs;
  • eliminating of a necessity to destroy the town building over the tunnel trace.